February – Did You Know?

2020 February: Did You Know About Benefits of Community-Owned Public Gas Utilities – APGA

DID YOU KNOW? About the benefits of having FPUA as a community-owned public gas utility…

  • Public gas utilities are not-for-profit entities that focus on maintaining affordable energy costs for their neighbors, including low-income families, seniors and other vulnerable communities.
  • Community-owned natural gas systems are owned by, and accountable to, the communities they serve, not corporate boards or investors.
  • Public gas systems ensure that the communities they serve have local control, competitive costs, customer service and economic benefits.
  • As not-for-profit entities, public gas utilities put people over profits by reinvesting in the very communities they serve.
  • As valued members of their communities, community-owned natural gas systems are incentivized to provide support, assistance and resources to homes and businesses year-round.
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