August 2020 – Did You Know?

Did you know that Natural gas is…
download images to see graphicA Reliable Energy Source During Emergencies Natural gas keeps the power on during states of emergency and natural disasters such as hurricanes.

download images to see graphic The Cost of Service Interruptions Electric grid outages and service interruptions from weather and natural disasters cost customers an estimated $150 billion each year and regularly leave homeowners and businesses without power.

download images to see graphic Abundant & Consistent Energy As an abundant resource not dependent on the weather or other external factors, natural gas—and the reliable gas infrastructure that carries it to over 178 million Americans—provides consistent energy to buildings and homes when disasters strikes and the electric grid goes down.

download images to see graphic Depended On By Our Most Vulnerable Our most vulnerable citizens rely on natural gas-powered appliances and generators during emergencies.

download images to see graphic Aids Emergency Response Efforts Natural gas plays a critical role in emergency response efforts by powering generators that keep the lights on for first responders, hospitals and senior living facilities.

download images to see graphic Fueling Our Communities Without this valuable domestic resource, the health and safety of our communities could be at risk during power outages.
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