Natural Gas: Luxury Appliances


Today is becoming less about “temporarily escaping” home and more about long-term ways to enjoy it. And while natural gas makes cooking, cleaning and running your household a far finer experience, it also has a serious fun side.

Enjoy everyday beauty and excitement-and make home the place to be-with luxury natural gas appliances. Not only can you increase home value, add entertainment and ambience; but efficient, natural-gas also ensures more of your energy dollars stay put. And if that’s not worthy of a “stay-cation,” we don’t know what is.


Fireplaces you relax around-instead of labor over.

  • None of the chopping, hauling, and cleanup of wood
  • Turn on flames with the touch of a button
  • Gorgeous designs can be installed almost anywhere in your home
  • Run on pennies an hour
  • Emit far less pollutants than electric options
  • No smoky odor or ashes


  • Replacing a non-gas water heater with a natural gas tank-less water heater reduces the amount of carbon produced by over 3,000 lbs per home, every year.
  • The average natural gas home or business emits 46% less carbon than its non-gas counterpart.
  • Natural gas appliances cost up to half as much to operate


  • As gorgeous as it is functional. 
  • Improves home security
  • Soft glowing light without the glare of electric lights
  • Doesn’t attract insects
  • Remains lit even when the power goes out


  • Good-bye chilly deck. Hello pati-oh! 
  • Chimneys & patio heaters heat up to a 20-foot radius 
  • Provide warmer heat, faster 
  • Cost less to operate than electric heaters

GRILLS –Make the BBQ more fun for you …as well as everyone else.

  • Instant on/off means no more waiting
  • No tanks to fill, no charcoal to buy, no mess to clean up
  • Never run out of gas in the middle of cooking
  • Greater control of cooking temperatures

POOL/SPA HEATERS –Get more splish‘ …and ‘splash’ for far less cash.

  • Heat pools in hours & spas in minutes
  • Cost up to 2 ½ times less to operate
  • 2 to 4 times greater heating power than an electric pump
  • Operate on less energy

GENERATORS –Don’t sweat the storm …or the pre-storm sweat work.

  • Turn on within seconds of a power outage-automatically!
  • Shut off once the electricity returns
  • Eliminate the need to buy and store fuel

DESICCANT DEHUMIDIFIERS -Ahhh. The great indoors!

  • Improve indoor air quality & reduce moisture
  • Help eliminate mold, fungus & dangerous bacteria
  • Extremely efficient
  • Take a sizeable energy load off the A/C

GREEN – from the Get-Go

With a simple molecular structure made up primarily of methane (with small quantities of
hydrocarbons), natural gas forms naturally beneath the Earth’s surface. Since natural gas is lighter than
air, it creates no solid waste and leaks dissipate immediately and without spillage.

Cleaner than petroleum-based fuels, natural gas emits far fewer chemicals associated with acid rain, smog and greenhouse emissions. Plus, 

  • No mercury emissions
  • 100% less sulfur than oil & coal
  • 90% less particulate matter than oil
  • 99% less particulate matter than coal
  • 80% less nitrogen than oil or coal 
  • 30% less carbon than oil
  • 45% less carbon than coal
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