Developer Incentives


Residential Developers can benefit from a natural gas distribution system from FPUA at significant cost savings or included within the full phase of community development for their project.  If a developer or builder will commit to building a predetermined number of homes and will sell natural gas (e.g. water heater, range, dryer) as a component in each of the homes, we can offer to provide the main and service line up to the meter, at no additional cost to the builder.


If a home buyer is not interested in having natural gas, the agreement will have an agreed-upon, predetermined amount that the builder will be required to pay back to FPUA (per home that does not use Natural Gas).

This amount could be collected by the builder from the home buyer for opting out of natural gas appliances then paid back to FPUA as agreed upon in the terms of the agreement.

The builder would also have the option to upsell other gas appliances (e.g. generators, pool/spa heaters, gas lights, fire pits, fireplaces, BBQ grill connections, outdoor lighting, and outdoor kitchens.


Payback amounts vary by volume of homes developed in the project, the number of gas compliant homes built with the number of appliances used for the financial modeling peak.  However, if invested in by the developer, this can result in additional financial incentives when a developer would heavily promote the use of natural gas usage in the construction phase of development in the Fort Pierce Community.


Ultimately the goal is to provide incentive enough for the community developers to consider pushing natural gas as a utility during construction to create a more energy sustainable community-building project.  Create an environmentally friendlier Fort Pierce with FPUA Gas today.

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Why Natural Gas is the “Right Choice” for New Homes

Many new home design considerations impact construction costs, adherence to the Florida Energy Code, and the prospective homeowner’s annual energy costs.  Selecting natural gas for water heating and space heating provides design flexibility, cost savings, and other benefits:

      • Possible elimination of 240-volt wiring to air handler, range and water heater.
      • Possible reduction of electrical panel size. Amperage reduction could be up to 100 amps.
      • Reduction of initial installation cost for efficient natural gas pool heaters, indoor and outdoor cooking, and fireplace logs.
      • Cost savings of 45% or more* with natural gas water heating when compared to electric water heating or propane (LP).
      • Cost savings of 58%** with energy efficient natural gas space heating when compared to electric resistance (strip) heating.

* Water heating cost comparison based on national average annual consumption for Florida Energy Code 30 gallon tank using USDOE test procedures. National average data is adjusted for local conditions and fuel prices: EL=$0.0884 per kWh, LP=$ 1.50 per gallon, NG=$0.76040 per ccf.
**Space heating cost comparison based on cost per delivered million BTU for 80 AFUE natural gas furnace using above stated fuel prices.

Natural Gas Uses In the Home Info Graphic